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Students Working on Elementary School Lessons

Elementary School SEL Programs

Building the Foundation for a Healthier Future

Social-emotional learning is a critical part of early childhood development, helping children understand and express thoughts and feelings about themselves and others. Early social-emotional development helps build the foundation for a healthier future, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Building the Fundamentals of SEL

Why it Matters

Our Unique Program

What Experts Say

There is extensive research linking SEL competencies to improved mental health, academic performance, and overall well-being. Elementary school marks a critical learning period where lasting habits are formed, making social and emotional learning especially important during this time period.

While SEL in elementary school is especially important, it can also be a challenge. Presenting nuanced topics in a way that is not only easy to understand, but also easy for younger students to enjoy can be difficult. With short, highly-engaging clips and discussion cards designed to pique the interest of a younger age group, we've curated SEL lessons for elementary school that provide impactful and lasting results. Topics covered include managing emotions, making friends, handling conflicts, and building resilience. 

"I have reviewed almost every SEL curriculum and program that exists, and this has the most potential for change due to the engaging, brief videos as well as the thoughtful stories." 

-Shannon Avenson, Director of Student Services

See for Yourself! 

Want to see That Feeling When K-12 SEL programs for elementary school in action? Check out our sample lessons and classroom discussion questions to get a glimpse into our transformative program! 

Elementary School Kids Walking to Class - TFWK-12
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