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TFWK-12 Program Testimonials

At That Feeling When K-12, we're on a mission to revolutionize social and emotional learning for students and educators alike. Our social-emotional learning activities are carefully designed to address the unique challenges faced by each age group effectively - from elementary school through middle school. With the goal of transforming SEL education for both students and educators, we've curated our programs to require no additional prep work, saving educators valuable time and resources while still making a transformative impact on students.


Wondering if TFWK12 is right for your school district? See what students and educators have to say about the impact "That Feeling When" has had in their classrooms.

Teacher Testimonials

Jessica, Student

“When I find someone else knows firsthand what I am going through, I don't feel as alone and isolated." 

Shannon Kummrow,
Mental Health Practitioner 

"Watching these videos will really help bring awareness to others on the current issues we are dealing with in and out of the classroom."

Mike Brown, Counselor

"I am truly impressed with the impact these videos had on my students' SEL journey, and I firmly believe it will make a significant difference in classrooms nationwide."

Testimonials From SEL Experts

Transform Social and Emotional Development for Your Students

Help young learners tackle complex developmental challenges and give teachers the resources they need to support students during their formative years with That Feeling When K-12. We're striving to revolutionize SEL programming to help create a healthier and more connected generation, and we invite you to join us on our journey!

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