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  • What specific SEL themes and messages are covered in the video series?
    The video series covers a range of SEL themes, including emotional intelligence, self-awareness, empathy, responsible decision-making, and positive relationships. Each theme is explored through engaging stories and relatable examples.
  • How are the videos aligned with established SEL frameworks or standards?
    Our video series aligns with established SEL frameworks such as (CASEL) Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) and includes explicit connections to their core competencies.
  • Can you provide examples of how the video series engages students of different grade levels?
    The video series is designed to cater to students of different grade levels. For example, younger students may watch and engage with simple language and relatable characters, while older students may benefit from more complex scenarios and discussions.
  • Are the videos age-appropriate and culturally sensitive?
    Our videos are carefully crafted to be age-appropriate and culturally sensitive. We strive to represent diverse perspectives and experiences to foster inclusivity and understanding.
  • How long is each video, and how many videos are included in the series?
    Each video has an average duration 60-90 seconds, providing a concise yet impactful learning experience. Each series includes a total of 9-12 videos, covering a wide range of SEL topics.
  • What is the delivery format of the videos? Are they streamed online or downloadable?
    The videos are accessible through our secure online platform, allowing schools to stream them directly.
  • Is there any supplemental material or resources provided along with the videos?
    Along with the videos, we provide supplementary materials such as discussion cards written by mental health professionals to support teachers in facilitating meaningful SEL discussions and different grouping activities.
  • Can the videos be easily integrated into existing curriculum or instructional plans?
    Our video series is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing curriculum or instructional plans. Our videos are designed by educators and are specifically designed to minimize teacher preparation, thus allowing for a more organic discussion among students.
  • Are there options for customization or personalization to meet the specific needs of our school or district?
    We offer customization options to meet the specific needs of your school or district. This includes the ability to tailor the content to address local contexts, incorporate specific messaging, or align with district-wide initiatives. Since we are constantly producing additional video, district feedback or issues can easily be added to future episodes.
  • What kind of support or training is available for teachers or administrators in implementing the video series?
    We provide comprehensive support and training for teachers and administrators. This includes professional webinars, and ongoing assistance to ensure successful implementation and integration of the video series.
  • How often is the video content updated or expanded?
    We continuously update and expand our video content based on feedback from educators and the evolving needs of students. New videos are addedr regularly to keep the material fresh and relevant.
  • Are there any additional costs or licensing requirements associated with the subscription?
    The subscription cost covers access to the full video series and accompanying resources. There are no hidden costs or additional licensing requirements.
  • Can the videos be accessed on different devices (computers, tablets, etc.) and operating systems?
    Our platform is compatible with various devices and operating systems, allowing students and teachers to access the videos on computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Are there any testimonials or case studies from other schools or districts that have used the video series?
    We have numerous testimonials and case studies from schools and districts that have successfully implemented our video series. These real-world examples highlight the positive impact the program has had on student well-being, social skills, and academic performance. Yes we have numerous teacher, counselor and psychologist testimonials for your review.
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