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Sample Social Emotional Learning Activities 

At That Feeling When, we’re transforming social and emotional learning for students and educators alike. How are we achieving this? By covering comprehensive SEL competencies in a format that is relatable and engaging to students, we make it easy for educators to provide a high-quality SEL education in schools. 


With engaging video videos accompanied by thoughtful discussion cards, That Feeling When SEL activities effectively address the unique social-emotional developmental needs students face throughout their years in school. Lessons are meticulously crafted to be relevant to students across a wide range of life circumstances and experiences, touching on sensitive yet highly-relevant topics students everywhere face every day. 

See how TFWK12 makes it easy to transform SEL education in your school district! 

Download the That Feeling When K-12 informational brochure to learn more or spread the word about our transformative social emotional learning program. 

SEL Activities for Elementary School

Elementary school years are critical in building a strong foundation to support healthy social emotional development throughout the rest of middle and high school. Giving young students the tools and support they need to begin to understand and discuss their thoughts and feelings is a key to building healthy social emotional skills. 

See how our SEL programs for elementary school help build a strong foundation for continued social and emotional learning with sample lesson videos.

SEL Activities for Middle School

Developmental changes and increased social and academic pressures make SEL curriculum in middle school especially vital. Learning how to navigate relationships with yourself and others can be especially difficult during middle school as new challenges like increased academic and peer pressure, puberty and newfound independence arise.

Sample lessons coming soon.

In the Classroom

High School SEL Activities

Building on elementary and middle school social-emotional development, high school SEL activities help students round out their social and emotional learning before their next big phase in life. Whether students are attending college or starting their career path post-graduation, a strong SEL curriculum for high school students helps students become more prepared for all aspects of their future lives.

Build social emotional skills that will last a lifetime with TFWK12 SEL lessons for high school students. View snippets from our high school SEL series to learn more.

See The Impact of Transformative Social-Emotional Learning in Your Classroom

See what students, educators and mental health professionals have to say about That Feeling When to learn more about the impact our lessons can have on social and emotional development. Want to learn even more? Visit our frequently asked questions or contact us today to learn more about how you can transform social and emotional education in your school.

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