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Teacher Discussing High School SEL Lessons With Students - TFWK-12

High School SEL Programs

Setting Young Adults up for Lasting Success 

From leaving middle school and entering high school to preparing for college, high school can be a confusing and stressful time for many students. Social and emotional learning during this time is important not only for navigating these timely challenges, but also to build the foundation for a healthy transition into adulthood and a lifetime of improved mental and emotional health.

Supporting Long-Term Healthy Social and Emotional Development

Why it Matters

Our Unique Program

What Experts Say

Throughout high school, students develop a deeper and more nuanced awareness of their relationships with themselves and others. Navigating the complexities of early adulthood can be particularly challenging, but SEL can provide the tools students need to navigate these challenges. Additionally, high school marks the end of formal SEL education for most students, making effective SEL programs in high school especially important. 

While most high schoolers have a strong sense of independence, they still look to their teachers for guidance and support. Effective SEL programs must balance fostering that independence with providing adequate support. TFW addresses current challenges high schoolers face while also providing the tools they need to continue developing on their own after graduation. Topics covered include managing stress, developing coping mechanisms, promoting self-care, and navigating the transition to adulthood. 

"Having a comprehensive and well-crafted video series like this would have been an invaluable asset during my time as a teacher while simultaneously enriching the learning experiences of my students."

-Steve Bautch, Teacher for 30 Years

Delve Deeper Into TFWK-12 SEL for High School Students

We invite you to learn more about our high school social and emotional learning programs by viewing example SEL lessons and activities

High School Student Studying SEL Lessons - TFWK-12
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