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Middle School SEL Student - TFWK-12

Middle School SEL Programs

Transformative Lessons for a Transitional Time

Middle school comes with a unique set of challenges as students begin to face tougher academic expectations and increased social pressures. Our program effectively addresses these challenges, building off of early SEL education while creating a foundation for future growth and discovery.

Supporting Healthy Social and Emotional Development

Why it Matters

Our Unique Program

What Experts Say

The middle school years are marked by significant social, physical, and mental changes. As such, it's critical to provide students with effective support and resources to help them thrive and grow during this transitional time.

From navigating self-identity to healthy stress management, our program aims to provide a comprehensive SEL education that makes a lasting impact. By breaking down complex, nuanced topics into relatable videos paired with guided classroom discussion, our middle school SEL lessons provide students with actionable insights that are relevant to their unique circumstances. Topics covered include peer relationships, bullying, self-identity, stress management, and academic expectations.

"I am truly impressed with the impact these videos had on my students' SEL journey, and I firmly believe it will make a significant difference in classrooms nationwide."

-Mike Brown, Counselor

See Our Transformative SEL in Action 

View our sample lessons and classroom discussion questions to catch a glimpse into our SEL activities for middle school! 

Middle School Students Sitting on the Curb - TFWK-12
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