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That Feeling When K-12 SEL Video Series: Elevating SEL Through Cinematic Storytelling

Welcome to the "That Feeling When K12" (TFWK12) video series—a groundbreaking Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) initiative tailored for K-12 students. This unique program seamlessly blends the art of cinema with transformative classroom discussions, setting a new standard in SEL education.


Quality Filmmaking Meets Real-World Challenges

TFWK12 is more than just a video series; it's a narrative journey. Crafted with unparalleled filmmaking finesse, each episode captures the essence of real-life scenarios that resonate with the daily struggles and triumphs students face both in school and at home.

Interactive Classroom Experience

After viewing, both educators and students take the helm, guiding students through enlightening discussions using meticulously crafted question cards. These cards, rooted in SEL best practices, foster an environment where students delve into reflective conversations. The aim? To nurture empathy, stimulate critical thinking, and promote open, constructive communication.

Authenticity at Its Core

What sets TFWK12 apart is its genuine approach to addressing contemporary issues. By providing a safe, inclusive platform, we empower students to express themselves authentically, learn from one another, and cultivate a supportive community.

Adaptable and Impactful

Whether you're a classroom teacher, school counselor, or SEL advocate, TFWK12 is designed to fit seamlessly into diverse educational settings. Its versatile nature ensures a tailored experience, enriching students' emotional intelligence and interpersonal capabilities.

In essence, the TFWK12 series redefines the landscape of SEL education. By intertwining the emotive prowess of cinematic storytelling with collaborative classroom engagement, we equip K-12 students with the vital tools they need to navigate life's intricate tapestry with resilience, empathy, and confidence.

Join us in revolutionizing SEL education. Explore the TFWK12 series today and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic student development.




with Mental Health Issues



Teenage Model
High School Friends

Take a Stand Against the Statistics

Take a stand against these statistics and join us on our journey to create a brighter future for students everywhere. Prioritize social and emotional development in your school district with That Feeling When K-12.


“Watching these video will really help bring awareness to others on the current issues we are dealing with in and out of the classroom”

Shannon Kummrow, Mental Health Practitioner

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